Frequently asked questions

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance. Fortunately, our treatments are generally far less expensive than most co-pays of an urgent care facility or an emergency room visit. Some health plans and HSA do reimburse patients for treatments.

Will the IV hurt?

All of our nurses are specially trained in IV insertion and have experience in acute care settings where they insert IVs regularly. It is just an initial pinch, and then there is no discomfort after that. Patients commonly say that their arm gets cold and that they can taste the vitamins which is normal.

Why can’t I just drink water and take vitamins orally instead of getting an IV Drip?

Drinking water and taking oral vitamins unfortunately do not work as well as getting them IV. This is because when we take things orally the digestive tract absorbs a majority of it. In effect, your body gains less benefit of the supplements and fluid that you ingest. IV infusions provide 100% absorption. Therefore, the vitamins, minerals, medications and fluid are being infused systemically to all of your tissue.

I’m sick, will an IV help?

When people are sick with a stomach bug, food poisoning or any other illness, there can be a lot of fluid lost in the body. The body is comprised 60% of water. Therefore, when we lose fluids, whether it’s through vomiting, excessive sweating or diarrhea, its critical to replace those fluids to maintain necessary bodily functions. Receiving an IV with medications is more effective, especially when sick. Taking oral medications or drinking water when sick usually results in throwing them up or continued diarrhea. Getting medications, vitamins and fluids IV bypasses the GI system and allows you to get the relief that you need.

How long is the treatment?

The length of the treatment depends mostly on the quality of the patient’s veins. Patient’s with smaller veins may take longer. Typically, treatments take 45 minutes to complete.

When will the nurse arrive?

A nurse will arrive within one hour when the treatment is requested for ASAP. Otherwise, a nurse will arrive at your requested time.


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