Immunity Deluxe

Immunity Deluxe

Price: $399

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Supercharge your immune system with this customized blend of vitamins and minerals that protect and strengthen the body’s defenses


One Liter of Normal Saline a blend of fluids and electrolytes that will replenish and rehydrate your body.

B12 Vital role in cognitive and mental function, circulation, cardiovascular health and energy levels.

High Dose Glutathione  The most powerful antioxidant provides strength, support and protection for your immune system. This vitamin also plays a key role in liver detoxification and skin health.

High Dose Vitamin C A key player in immune system support. In high doses, Vitamin C helps protect, support and strengthen your immune system.

Zinc Essential for immune support, heart health and brain function

Vitamin D Booster – According to the former CDC chief, Dr. Tom Frieden, Vitamin D may help reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection. Vitamin D plays a vital role in normal immune system function. Vitamin D also provides improved resistance against certain diseases.

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